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Spare me the Details

I'm Spanish, I'm 25 years old :dance:

Current Residence: Spain
Favourite style of art: All styles are beautifull
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite Quote: -"By Jupiter's cock!!!" -


Una identidad Inesperada COVER - Gift for Elein 88 by Lunaykirin
Una identidad Inesperada COVER - Gift for Elein 88
Pues bueno Pi, ahi esta, no se si notaras las pequeñas modificaciones que le hice, pero yo creo que queda mejor de esta forma. No se si a ti. Ya sabes que yo, perfeccionista como soy, nunca  termino de darme por satisfecha.

Bueno, para el que no lo sepa, esto es una portada que ella me pidio para su historia de El Hobbit, Una identidad Inesperada, en la que su personaje original, Iriel se une a la compañia de Thorin y los ayuda a recuperar Erebor.


So this is a cover that she asked me for her history of The Hobbit, An Unexpected identity, in which her original character, Iriel, joins the company of Thorin and helps them to recover Erebor.
EzioCristina - Saving you - AC by Lunaykirin
EzioCristina - Saving you - AC
Ezio and Cristina (and Maria) in a scene from my Fanfic "Far Away" (I spend 1h 35 minutes in the drawing) :dance:

The scene is from chapter 7:…

Ezio y Cristina (y Maria) en una escena de mi historia "Far Away" (tarde 1h 35m en terminar el dibujo, no esta mal) :dance:

La escena es del capitulo 7:…
Ratatoskr - Smite by Lunaykirin
Ratatoskr - Smite
Ratatoskr is the messenger from the gods in the Norse mythology. He is so cute, and powerful, he's amazing. I love the character. Love 

Ratatoskr, the "sly messenger", has lived in the World Tree since time immemorial. Where he came from or why is truly unknown, but if there’s a way for him to stir the pot between any two gods, he’ll do it.  And yet, all the Gods come to him for news.


Ratatoskr es el mensajero de los dioses de la mitologia Nordica (el equivalente a Hermes para los griegos, o Mercurio para los romanos). Es tan  adorabilisimo, y poderoso, no confundais mis palabras, es genial. Me encanta. Love 

Ratatoskr, conocido como el "mensajero astuto", ha vivido en el árbol del mundo desde tiempos inmemoriales. De dónde viene o por qué es  desconocido. Todos los dioses van a él en busca de noticias.

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ThornRedRayne1 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh! I just read your two fanfics you sent me the links to and I absolutely loved them!! They were so perfect!! You are an absolutely amazing writer you should definitely post more of them! :excited: revamp... again. 

"The Monster That I Am"- What can I say about that one there's so much detail you added irto it! Especially about Thorin's personality and inner conflict you nailed it down to perfection!! Clap 

"Teach Me"- Also so perfect!! So beautifully written!! Heart 

You are such a talented writer you should post more of them!! I absolutely loved them both!! Keep up your awesome work and I look forward to seeing more of your artwork and reading more of your fanfics!!! Huggle!   
Lunaykirin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
Really you liked? Huggle!  then I'm happy to hear that. In fact, I was afraid that you did not understand anything Giggle  (once I try with google translate to translate one of my one shots to pass it to one person, and sh*t, it was translated as an *ss, filthy translator, it never does justice to the text !!) because my narrative is so extensive and complex, full of adjectives and descriptions of feelings and thoughts of the characters... Sweating a little...  

"The monster I am," I had to write it to spit out what produced me the disappointing movie, and the abhorrent treatment of the whole trilogy has given to Fili Rage  (I think in part that's one of the reasons why I created FemFili, to compensate me). In addition, It served as a punishment for Thorin, whom I ironically love to see suffer in my fics (as a good fan of angst that I am) lose the person he love most by his own mistakes, it is a just punishment, I think. Nod 

And on "Teach me" as I said, it is my favorite Heart . I think I'll turn into mini comic. I think I'm going to do that with some of my favorite one shots. In fact, what I really want to do is find a beta reader who can translate my one shots from Spanish to English, and when they are properly translated, upload them here. Don't you know any beta of that kind by chance? Giggle 

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed. Huggle! 
ThornRedRayne1 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yes I did! They were both so amazingly well written! Heart And I was able to understand it after I used Google translate. :D I think they've improved the translator, because it worked great and I was able to read them both! Your fanfics were complex and descriptive and dove into characters thoughts and feelings. And that's what I really look for in a fanfic!! Huggle! 

I totally agree, "The Monster I am", really hit home with me. Because I love the line of Durin. But Fili, he was just so used and I hated seeing such an amazing character get played like that. E2008-001  To where I felt like Fili just did not get enough love or admiration. And he is one of my favorite characters too! So I loved it for so many reasons! :) (Smile) 

"Teach Me", was such a lovely fanfic as well. I can't say which is my favorite Heart  because I love them both so much! And that would be so awesome! I'd love to see it turned into a mini comic! :happybounce:  And I'm not sure of any beta reader right now that could translate your stories from Spanish to English. I wish I could but I really do not know how to speak Spanish, or I would do it for you. I will keep an eye out for someone that could and let you know. :D (Big Grin) 

And you're very welcome! I really did enjoy reading them and I can't wait to read more of them! Huggle! 
Lunaykirin Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016
Don't worry, I'll manage somehow Meow :3  anyway thank you very much for the offer, I appreciate it very much, you're so kind and good with me, thank you so much, seriouslly. Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! 

And totally consider it done, I'm in the process of draw the mini comic. Nod 
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ThornRedRayne1 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for all of the faves and your kind comments :shuffelin: 
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